Data Protection & Guarantee of Confidentiality - Help & Support

If you contact us for help, information or advice by email we consider this consent to process your data in order to provide you with help and support.

If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, you are free to do so and we will remove you from our system.

Data Protection and our guarantee of confidentiality:

  • We will not disclose any information about you to someone else without your permission.

  • We will not contact someone else for information relating to your case without asking you first.

  • The only possible exception to this would be where we have grounds for concern that you are a danger to yourself or to others.

How we will use information about you?

Your information will:

  • Enable us to check your status to ensure that you are given accurate and relevant advice;

  • Enable us to represent you effectively;

  • Help us assess whether or not you are eligible for and will be offered a specific service;

  • Enable us to monitor services to ensure they are relevant and of a high standard.

What sort of information do we record?

  • We record information supplied by you and information collected from 3rd parties during the process of supporting you.

  • We also record any action taken in relation to your case and keep copies of correspondence and documents that are relevant.

  • This information is processed and stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regular (GDPR) and you can find out more by downloading LUU’s Data Protection & Privacy Policy:

How do we take care of the information we use?

  • We keep computer records, and papers you give us if these are needed. We only keep information about you for the minimum time necessary which is 6 years. We keep personal information up to date, but we rely on the information you provide, so if you are aware of any inaccuracies let us know.

  • All our records are locked away each night and any information on computer is held on a secure server.

  • You can see any of our records as long as your case is open. Once your case is closed you will have to complete a Data Subject Access request to see your records. If you wish to do this, please email:

  • If you wish to exercise any of your other rights under the General Data Protection Regular (GDPR), you can find out more by downloading LUU’s Data Protection & Privacy Policy:

External Monitoring

As part of our commitment to quality we arrange external audits of our work. Where possible we will anonymise any data we supply for the audit or if their audit relies on full case files. Any external auditors will be bound by their own professional rules on confidentiality.

If you do not consent to your information being used for external auditing purposes please let us know.