As a student of LUU, there is some data that we have to process as part of our relationship with you. Such as knowing your bank details if we employ you, or who is attending a club and society trip; and we will continue to communicate with you about these.

We take your privacy VERY seriously and if you look at the privacy policy on our site, you'll see what we do with your information and how we store it.

To make sure you love your time at Leeds, we would LOVE to send you additional information on promotions, events and things we think will make your student life better.

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Information exchange between the University of Leeds and LUU

As you might expect, to support your university experience, we share information with the University of Leeds. This is governed by a data sharing agreement and starts when you consent to join LUU during the university registration process.

Information shared regularly

At LUU, we abide by the principles enshrined in GDPR, namely:

  • We will process your data in a fair, lawful and transparent manner.

  • We will collect relevant data for specific purposes and be explicit about how we use it.

  • We will ensure and make every effort to ensure that data is accurate, and if it isn’t we shall respond quickly to change it.

  • We will only keep the data for as long as is necessary.

  • We will process your data in a secure way, protecting against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage.

  • Where we require your explicit consent to process your data, we will ensure your choice is informed, freely given and we are transparent as to how your data will be used and how you can withdraw consent, if applicable.

The data opposite is shared regularly with LUU to enable the following:

  • For you to be able to engage with our services that require knowing your identity - key examples are joining a club and society and voting, which requires the data to be added to our membership system.

  • For you to participate in activities that require LUU membership - Leading a club or society and having a say in how they are run, standing for an elected post and playing or competing for a University of Leeds sports team run by LUU.

  • For us to understand how our services effectively support our full membership - for example, knowing if students from certain parts of the university or specific groups of students are underrepresented in areas of student-led activity. When processing sensitive personal data the University holds, including enrolment in any support programmes (including but not limited to Access to Leeds and the Plus Programme), any processing will respect your confidentiality and data rights as an individual and will be in accordance with the data sharing agreement setup between us and the University. A typical example is that we may seek to understand the participation within clubs and societies of students with recognised disabilities compared to the complete University enrolment, and via anonymous reporting, inform what accessibility support and guidance is provided to student leaders to encourage greater participation.

  • For us to contact you in regard to core LUU membership activities - such as voting in the annual election of our sabbatical officers (Lead LUU).

  • Prefix (e.g. Mr)

  • First name

  • Middle name(s)

  • Last name

  • Gender

  • Nationality

  • Date of Birth

  • Term address

  • Term contact telephone

  • Mobile telephone

  • Email address(s)

  • Whether student is a carer

  • Whether student is a parent

  • Religion

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Disability information

  • Racial / ethnic origin

  • Student ID

  • ISS Username

  • Start Date

  • Year of Study

  • Current / past courses and programmes (Name/Programme lengths etc.)

  • School / Faculty

  • Level of study (e.g. UG)

  • Type of study (FT/PT)

  • Home/International status

  • Widening participation / access to Leeds

Information shared on request

LUU's data sharing agreement with the university also covers information where there isn't a need to share information regularly about all students, but there is a need to share information about a specific or small group of students.

We are always transparent about why we are sharing data and data is shared on request to support the following:

  • If you join a Gryphon sports club, we will share your details so the university can setup your pass to access sports facilities - so you can take advantage of the sports facility agreement without having to register separately.

  • So we can represent your academic interests and provide independent help to with any problems on your programme of study (i.e. appeals, complaints, disciplinary procedures) - To ensure we give you the best advice and can really help you, we will request relevant information from the university. For example, for an academic dispute, we will ask for recent academic performance records. To respond, the university may request appropriate case information and we will share only that which is necessary, preserving any confidentiality and the ability to effectively represent you. (More information about our Help & Support Data Protection & Guarantee of Confidentiality)

Requested from the university:

  • Fee status

  • Financial awards (e.g. Scholarships)

  • Payment history (e.g. Accommodation, Fees)

  • Widening participation / access to Leeds

  • Case information (e.g. Counselling support, Fitness to Study)

  • Academic performance (e.g. transcripts)

  • Individual support plans (e.g. formal disability plans)

  • Disciplinary records (including any incidents with campus-wide implications)

Requested from LUU:

  • Club / society participation

  • Club / society leadership (Committee)

  • Volunteering

  • Course / School Rep

  • Case information

  • Union role / employment details (e.g. for occupational health referrals)

  • CCTV Footage

Communication consent and auto-enrolment in academic societies

When you join LUU during the university registration process, you are also notified of a one-time invite to subscribe to communications and that LUU may enrol you in an academic society connected with your course:

  • You will be invited to sign up for communications that may interest you – job alerts, Union events like the annual Leeds Ball, new services, initiatives and offers in Union bars/restaurants. You can manage your subscription at any time.

  • You may be auto-enrolled in an academic society connected with your course, if that is at zero cost to you, to help you build your academic community.